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Bloomingtails Welcomes You With Open Paws

The Care Your Pet Deserves

One to one pet grooming service in a warm, friendly and caring environment by a qualified and insured grooming professional.

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Bloomingtails Service

Private, Professional and Compassionate One To One Animal Grooming Salon Dedicated to Your Pets Individuality, Happiness and Wellbeing.

Bloomingtails mission is to keep your pets looking and smelling their best by providing professional grooming services in a cosy, friendly and safe environment.  Your pets are part of your family and Bloomingtails strive to ensure their experience is as positive and relaxing as it can be.  At Bloomingtails all pets are hand dried, cage drying cabinets are not used in this salon.  In fact you will not see traditional cages at all in the salon, your pet is free to roam or play whilst waiting for pick up. Bloomingtails takes being entrusted with your beloved pet very seriously and every effort is taken to accommodate individual requests.  Bloomingtails promise is to put your dogs comfort and wellbeing before everything.

Pricing is determined by the size, breed and temperament of your dog, as well as the condition of its coat.  As a guide:

  • Puppies £20 (up to 6 months old).

  • Small breeds start from £33 for a full groom.

  • Medium breeds start from £38 for a full groom.

  • Large breeds start from £45 for a full groom.

  • Hand stripping starts from £50

  • Bath and Brush start from £22


  • Emmipet teeth cleaning initial session £25 with subsequent sessions at £15

  • Nails and Paw Tidy £7.50

  • Royal Treatment Extras £2.50 or all three for £5

  • Dog collection and drop off available on request. Fees dependent on distance. 

  • Small animal grooming, cats from £25 rabbits from £20 and guineapigs from £12

These prices are based on pets that are groomed on a regular basis.  Matted coat removal may incur extra charges.   

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Dog and equipment

Full Grooming Service

For the Dapper Dog

Bloomingtails full grooming service includes your dog being bathed with a professional shampoo to suit your pets skin and coat.  A brush and blow dry followed by a comb through and full body styling. Hygeine areas cleared.  Nails trimmed.   Ears and eyes cleaned.  Doggy fragrance applied to finish.

Dog in bath

Bath and Dry

Pawsitively Sweet Smelling

Have you got a mucky pup? It’s easy to keep your dog fresh smelling, clean and healthy.  A good and regular grooming regime will keep your pup smelling sweet but can also help prevent mats or skin problems. All dogs will benefit from a bath brush and blow dry in between full grooming sessions and at Bloomingtails this service starts at £20 per dog. 

Dog in tub

Puppy Grooming

They Call it Puppy Love

Available to puppies age three to six months old. Introduce and acclimatize your baby pooch to the grooming process at an early age. The puppy groom includes a bath, gentle brush and blow dry, paw tidy, nails trimmed and eyes and ears cleaned. £20 per puppy. 

Dog De Shed


So Smooth

Reduce the amount of fur your dog sheds around your home with Bloomingtails de-shed package.  Includes bath with de-shed shampoo, brush and blow dry, de-shed and tidy up, nails trimming, eyes and ears cleaning. 

Dog De Mat

De-matting - Prices quoted are in addition to your normal groom price.

Remember, Humanity Before Vanity

At Bloomingtails your pets welfare is the main priority. De-matting time is limited to a maximum of fifteen minutes in order to ensure the comfort and welfare of your dog. De-matting tools and specialist de-matting products are deployed to assist in the de-matting process.  De-matting charges are additional to your standard full groom charge and are dependent on the severity of the mats. Three services are available:-

Small Area De-matting - £5 extraThis is the removal of small mats in areas like the collar area or underneath the legs. 

General De-matting -  £10 extraThis is the removal of a few mats in the coat or heavier matted areas like the ears or on the legs. 

Clip Off - £10 extraWhen matting is so severe that it cannot be remedied within the fifteen minutes policy time. Clipping off the coat is the kinder and less stressful remedy for your dog.  Clipping off will be discussed with you beforehand and you will be asked to sign Bloomingtails Clipping Policy. 

Dog Hand Strip

Hand Stripping

Safety first 

For your dogs health and well-being, hand-stripping services at Bloomingtails span across two appointments with a minimum two week interval. Hand stripping is suitable for wire haired coat maintenance and is the removal of the dead top coat by hand plucking rather than using clippers or scissors. Appointment one is for hand-stripping and a general tidy up. Appointment two includes a bath, brush and blow dry, paw tidy and nail trim, eyes and ears cleaning. 


Paw Tidy & Nail Clipping

Perfect Paws

Paw care is just as important for our dogs as it is for humans feet. Overgrown nails and hair in between pads can cause severe discomfort or health problems. Book a fifteen minute appointment to get your dogs nails trimmed. Service includes a general paw and pad tidy and application of soothing paw pad balm. 

Royal Dog

Luxury Extras 

The Royal Treatment for Top Dogs

Why not add a little extra luxury to your grooming package.  Bloomingtails offers three luxury extras using super premium products, why not buy all three for £6.00
       Blueberry Facial - £3.00 each.

A luxury blueberry facial with a gentle no tears cleanser full of vitamins, blueberry antioxidants, minerals, aloe vera and shea butter with stain removing properties. 

    Paw and Nose Balm - £2.50 each.

100% natural luxury balms applied to your dogs nose and paw pads to treat, nourish and protect your pup’s fleshy areas. Boasting anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, key organic ingredients include kukui nut oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, chamomile, hempseed oil, shea nut butter and jojoba oil. 

   Luxury Coat Conditioner - £2.50 each.         A great shampoo will cleanse and remove any accumulated dirt however a great conditioner will restore moisture to the skin and coat, detangle and leave your dogs coat extra silky, smooth and shiny. Boasting evening primrose oil, the intensive coat conditioner offered at Bloomingtails is excellent to nourish dry skin, is suitable for sensitive skin and works brilliantly on double coats to produce a stunning finish. 


Teeth Cleaning 

For pearly whites 

Emmipet teeth cleaning system is revolutionising dental care for pets, allowing pets to have their teeth cleaned without having to undergo anaesthetic. Utilising ultrasonic technology, this teeth cleaning system is sound and vibration free so is less scary for pets. Ultrasound reaches deep below the gum line killing germs and bacteria while increasing blood flow to the gums and is more effective than regular tooth brushing.  Emmipet effectively helps combat the biggest dental problems in pets, gingivitis, periodontist, oral cavity disease, tartar, plaque build up and bad breath. A regularly scheduled oral hygiene routine is the best way to protect your pets dental health.


Small Animal Grooming

A rare but essential service for many small animals. 

Cat, rabbit and guinea pig grooming services available. 


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